The Kickstarter Campaign is the first stage in our project. When you pledge on Kickstarter, you give money to support the production of the project and all of the items that will be created as part of that project. 

Your pledge comes with rewards as well. When you select a reward, you may indicate that you wish to receive some or all of the products described on the Kickstarter campaign and listed in the tier that you select.

After the project is over, if we have reached our funding goal, then your money will be collected by Kickstarter. After your credit card is successfully charged by Kickstarter, you have contributed to the project and will be entitled to receive promised rewards.

Shortly after the project is over and payments are processed, we will reach out to provide you with a credit in our online store. This credit, as well as a limited access to special deals, pricing, shipping, and exclusive items constitutes your pledge reward.

Our Pledge Manager is a special component of our online store, through which you will be able to confirm or upgrade your pledge, input your shipping information, pay any required taxes, and confirm the contact information that we need in order to fulfill your pre-order.

In the months following the end of the Kickstarter project, your pre-ordered rewards will be produced, quality-tested, and shipped out to you. During this time, while we are working on the fulfillment of your rewards, we will also communicate with you about the process and status of production. These updates can be found on the Kickstarter Campaign Page.