We are out of stock on all products from the first two seasons of Exceed.

Season 1:

  • Red Horizon: Reese Box
  • Red Horizon: Kaden Box
  • Red Horizon: Alice Box
  • Red Horizon: Satoshi Box
  • Red Horizon: Skull Man Solo Fighter
  • Esper X: Juno Solo Fighter

Season 2:

  • Seventh Cross: Church vs. Empire
  • Seventh Cross: Hunters vs. Demons
  • Seventh Cross: Magic vs. Monsters
  • Seventh Cross: Guardians vs. Myths
  • Seventh Cross: Emogine Solo Fighter
  • Seventh Cross: Sydney and Serena Solo Fighter
  • Red Dragon Inn: Pooky Solo Fighter
  • Penny Arcade Automata: Carl Swangee Solo Fighter
  • Shovel Knight Solo Fighter

At this moment there are no plans for reprinting Seasons 1 and 2.