Exceed is a fighting card game "engine" that Level 99 Games has developed and built upon over the past 7 years. Exceed defines the stats on the cards, what actions are available to players, and how the game in general works.

Each game built in the Exceed Engine has featured a different IP from a famous fighting game or original property.

Each game also features a slight rules tweak to adapt to the game rules of the fighting game it is based on.

For example, 

  • Guilty Gear -Strive- introduces the "Cancel" mechanic, which allows fighters to take extra turns by spending gauge.
  • Under Night In-Birth offered "Veil Off" as an option. This changes their character ability when activated.
  • BlazBlue fighters have an "Overdrive" modes, which granted fighters a huge tempo advantage for a short time.

Exceed games are cross-compatible, so it's possible to duel with fighters from one season against another.

However, each series also forms its own self-contained experience and stands alone.