Friday Fight Club is a tournament run on the Level 99 Games Official Discord.

To join, you must be a member of our Discord and go to the Channels & Roles tab to answer the question regarding your Exceed Skill Level. This will give you access to the Friday Fight Club channel.

On the day of the tournament, you will be grouped with 3 other people in the same skill level as you (4 people each group). Each player will play a one game against each other player in their group, round robin style (for a total of 3 games). The player with the best record in their group will receive a COOL PRIZE from us!


  • Player attendance will be performed at 4PM on September 1 Mountain Time. Only players in attendance will be given groups.
  • No special rules for character selection. Players can play any character they want from Guilty Gear -Strive- The Board Game. They are free to play the same character the whole event or swap characters between each game or change characters after a few games.
  • All games must be played during the duration of the event on September 1 4PM to 8PM Mountain Time. Should a player not be able to play within that time frame, they are assumed to have forfeited their games.
  • Players are required to keep track of their own scores throughout the event. All players will be asked to submit their score tables by the end of the event. Inconsistencies in scores will be reconciled by the organizer. If a player is found to have maliciously kept the wrong score, they will be considered to have forfeited all their games.
  • Ties will be resolved with a tiebreaker game.