Missing/Damaged Parts

Don't worry! At Level 99 Games, we guarantee that your game will be playable or your money back. If you are missing any parts to a game, or if any components of one of our games are damaged (whether by the factory, during shipment, or even if your dog tore them up), we will endeavor to replace them.

Please contact us with the following information:

  1. Your name and shipping address, along with an email and phone number.
  2. The game you purchased and the parts which are missing and/or damaged.
  3. The place where you purchased the game. If this is Kickstarter or our own store, please include an order number. (Please note, we will still replace games and parts regardless of where you purchased them.)
  4. If you are requesting replacements for damaged parts, please include a photograph of the damaged parts along with your ticket.

Damaged Boxes

Boxes are a trickier subject to tackle. Our factories do not send us additional boxes, and thus, our replacement of game boxes must be on an as-available basis. If we are unable to replace your damaged game box, we will provide a store credit or a partial refund on your order instead.

If the item was shipped via our online store, we may be able to claim insurance against the damage and send you a full replacement. However, this can be a time-consuming process.

To report a damaged box, please follow the steps above, but also include extensive photographs of the damage. If at all possible, document this damage before opening your box.

Discolored/Misprinted Cards

When printing a game, it is not uncommon for cards to turn out differently from one another, even if they are printed by the same factory on the same equipment. Often these misprints are very slight, and difficult to notice for the average person. 

We do not provide replacements for minor damages that occur normally during printing. These include: 

  • Slight miscuts (<2 mm)
  • Slight discoloration (occurs naturally within the same print run)
  • The presence of machine oil on laminated cards (this can be wiped off, usually)
  • Minor blemishes or speckling.

Discontinued Replacements

Some supplies are more limited than others! We keep inventory on all the products in our store, but in the event that we do not have the resources to supply a replacement for your game, we'll be happy to offer store credit as compensation.