Thank you for backing a project by Level 99 Games!

After the project, we'll reach out to you via email in order to deliver your rewards.

Please read this article carefully, as it describes how to claim your pledge rewards.

What is a Pledge Confirmation?

The Pledge Confirmation (aka Pledge Management) is a process that we use to convert your Kickstarter Pledge into an order that we can fulfill. During this process, you can do the following things:

  • Confirm the items you wish to receive.
  • Add on any other items that you'd like.
  • Specify any instructions required to deliver your items (sizes and etc).
  • Share your shipping information.
  • Pay any additional shipping costs or local taxes due.

Pledge Confirmation is required in order to receive your Kickstarter Rewards.

1. Await Further Instructions

It takes us a little while to put together the Pledge Manager. You may not see any news from us for a couple weeks, and this is normal. We're not in a rush, and we like to take things slow and test every step of the way to make sure that we're doing it all right.

Also we may invite people to the Pledge Manager in waves. So even if you see other people talking about it, don't worry if you don't have an email yet. Follow the Kickstarter Updates for news on what to expect.

When the Pledge Manager is ready, we'll post an update on the Kickstarter project, letting you know what to expect.

2. Open the Email

You'll get an email from us that displays your pledge! It should look like this:

Take note of the code in the email.

This code is your Kickstarter reward! Keep it secret and do not share it with anyone.

Click on the button "Complete your Pledge" to visit our online store.

3. Select Items

When you reach our store, the pledge tiers and add-ons you selected on Kickstarter will already be in your shopping cart. Take a look at the other items that are available in your region, and add on anything you like. You can also change your base pledge by adding a different pledge item to your cart and then removing the old one. It is possible to purchase multiple Pledge items as well.

Click on the "Next Step" button to view your cart.

If you are backing outside of the USA, you will see items displayed in your local currency.

In some regions, such as UK and Europe, you will see prices that are higher than those posted on Kickstarter. This is because VAT is included in the price of each line item.

At checkout, you will see how much of your total order is comprised of VAT. We remit these taxes on your behalf, so that you don't need to interact with your customs office.

4. Confirm Your Cart

If you're happy with all the items listed, you can proceed further, to complete your order.

5. Input Your Shipping Info & Select Shipping

After you've put in your shipping information, you should see shipping prices show up. In the USA, you may have several shipping options. Internationally, you should have only one. Unless you have selected many add-ons, your shipping price should be fairly close to the prices quoted on our Kickstarter page. 

If you believe there is an error in the calculation of shipping price, or if no shipping options appear, please let us know.

6. Input your Code and Checkout

Now you should see the total price for your order. 

Take the code that you copied from your email and copy it into the box as shown.

You should see the amount that you pledged on Kickstarter deducted from your total.

If you are backing outside of the USA, then you will see the value of your gift card translated to your local currency. If you are in an area where VAT is due, the value of your gift card will be different from the value of your pledge, as described above.

Unless you adjusted your pledge or included add-on items, the total due should be your taxes plus shipping fees.

If everything looks good, click the button to complete your order. You'll receive an email confirmation that everything was processed.

7. Look out for updates on Kickstarter

We'll keep you up to date with monthly Kickstarter updates on how the project is progressing and when you can expect your rewards to be delivered. If you have any questions, such as the need to change your address, just reach out to us for assistance.